Archive | November, 2016

Regarding the Electoral College

Dear diary, Since the democrats lost the election so badly in the Electoral College but won the popular vote, which means nothing, they are now calling for the abolition of the Electoral College and clamoring for true “democracy”. This is horrifying as it is a clear indicator that they have absolutely no understanding of what […]

Regarding the 2016 Election Protesters

Dear diary, OK, I can’t sit back and watch all of these ridiculous protests any longer for fear I might scream or damage my television set, so I feel I need to turn to my diary as an outlet.  First of all, they’re not really protests unless they are actually protesting something that happened unjustly.  […]

Regarding People Who Refuse to Vote

Dear diary, It’s the day before Election Day and I probably should have written this sooner but better late than never, right? There have been a ton of people who are saying that because they can’t stomach either candidate they are just going to sit this one out and not vote at all rather than […]