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Regarding Even More Gun Control…

Dear diary, I can’t believe I have to write about this again!! Be sure to read my previous posts RE: Gun Control and RE: More Gun Control to get a good baseline on my feelings on so called “Gun Control” at the time of each event. So now you’re asking, “What else could he possibly have […]

Regarding the Trump Tax Plan

Dear diary, I know I’m a little late to this party but I finally had to chime in on this.  The new tax plan that has come out and been approved is being widely criticized in the media and downright demonized, #GOPTaxScam, by Pelosi and the Democrats who refused to take any part in it.  […]

Regarding Hillary and Russian Collusion

Dear diary, Well, well, well…I hate to say I told ya so but, wait, no I don’t…I TOLD YOU SO!!  Back in December of 2016 I posted an article Regarding Russian Election Hacking, Dec 2016 in which I laid out how perfectly clear it was that the entire Russian collusion non-sense surrounding the Trump campaign […]

Regarding Gun Control Yet Again…

Dear Diary, Who would have thought that we would have to address this issue again and so soon after a national tragedy, oh right, anyone who has been paying attention to the frantic fanaticism of those on the far left suffering from Trump derangement syndrome who have completely lost their minds. So here we ago, […]

Regarding the Las Vegas Massacre

Dear diary, Let me start off by saying that the worst mass shooting in U.S. history deserves to be approached with a degree of seriousness and reverence with an acknowledgement for the massive amount of loss that has been felt by the families of those killed for no apparent reason.  I would like to do […]

Regarding Charlottesville VA

Dear diary, Well here we go again, the social justice warriors are beating their drums and are on the war path.  However, before I start I have to make the following statements from the commander in chief of the far left, Captain Obvious, lest I be castigated as a hateful Nazi White Supremacist Racist whatever… […]

Regarding Repeal and Replace

Dear diary, So the news cycle is all about healthcare and how the GOP can’t repeal and replace Obamacare because they can’t all come together to get it done meanwhile, the liberal Democrats are all screaming that the Affordable Healthcare Act is the most wonderful piece of legislation of all time and the heartless Republicans […]

Regarding Influencing Foreign Elections

Dear diary, Let’s go back in our magical time machine to the presidential election.  WikiLeaks has released a ton of documents exposing not only the actual corruption of Hillary Clinton but the horrific collusion within the Democratic party at the highest levels and between the party and the major television and news networks to unjustly […]

Regarding the Hate from the Left

Dear diary, I have never heard more HATE and vulgarity coming from any group in my lifetime than I have heard and seen coming from liberal groups since the election.  In an amazingly ironic and hypocritical twist it usually comes in the form of crying and a sign that says “Stop the Hate!”; hilarious, right?  […]