Regarding Why Obamacare is the Most Successful Legislation Ever

Dear diary,

You must be wondering why I would suggest that Obamacare, the most disastrous piece of legislation in American history is an unmitigated success. Well, it’s because it depends on how you view the definition of success in any given instance.  Did Martin Luther King fail because he was assassinated and didn’t live to see the successes of his movement or did he succeed on a much grander scale?  There is no disputing the facts when it comes to the AHCA (Obamacare), how poorly drafted it was, poorly thought out, poorly executed, rushed through in the middle of the night without  bi-partisan approval, and the fact that it didn’t do anything it claimed it would do.  In fact, it did exactly the opposite making things much worse for everyone, including the majority of the American people who had to shoulder the terrible tax burden for the mistake the Democrats made…or did they?  Yes, they were punished at the polls; severely. Some would say that we were all punished as we now have president Trump; a not my first choice but better than the alternative president. However, let’s take a look at where this turd of a bill was an unmitigated success and accomplished something I thought I would never see.

The founders of this country clearly wanted to get away from government involvement in private life and there is nothing more private than one’s medical care.  Health insurance is clearly a private enterprise and was never something the government should be involved in.  Next perhaps the government will make everyone buy into Amway because if everyone participates, many Americans will be at the top of pyramids making a great deal of money and we’ll all have plenty of toilet paper.  Conservatives have always lead the fight to prevent this kind of nonsense, that of course makes perfect sense to liberals because it shares the wealth for all (wink, wink), to prevent the government from taking the country to the left towards those socialist tendencies where there is more government control over traditionally private enterprise. This is the backbone of our culture and our way of life. Having the freedom to succeed or fail on our own is the where opportunity, the actual American dream, is born.  If the government controls private industry, any of it, that dream is diminished and begins to die.  This is where Obamacare is an unmitigated success or successful failure as it may come to be known in socialist circles.  Once it was crammed down our collective throats in the middle of the night by liberals with no conservative support it as signed into law and for some reason was just accepted as such.  After the Democrats were punished at the polls and replaced with conservatives at all levels of government, was it immediately repealed? Erased from history as the colossal mistake that it was? No. Immediately, the conservative guardians of our constitution began working feverishly to REPLACE it with a government healthcare plan of their own.  Why? Most likely because special interest and minority voters threaten their re-election prospects in the near term not because it’s the right thing to do.  I thought I would never see the conservative cadre of our government working so hard and so gleefully and so proud to do the job of the liberals.  It’s crazy to watch as the once conservative party pushes a liberal agenda and the liberal party whines and cries because it still isn’t liberal enough.  It is indeed a world gone mad and while we focus on this huge NON issue that dominates our internal resources domestically, our enemies are developing nuclear arsenals and are itching to use them against the U.S. and THAT is what the government is actually in place to handle.  So, congrats Obama on the most successful piece of legislation in American history in terms of changing America’s course towards socialism and ultimate destruction.  Your legacy is secured!!

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