Regarding Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Dear diary,

It’s a new year and I haven’t gotten anything off of my chest in a while! Well, I guess I might as well start with notorious AOC, Sandy from the Bronx, or Yorktown Heights in Westchester County as it turns out. This card-carrying member of the Democratic Socialists of America was elected by the idiots of the 14th District of New York in what can only be described as a joke to stick a finger in the eye of the establishment, and yet she, and her followers, believe it is a clear message from the American people that they want to turn over all of their earnings to the government for immediate redistribution.  Every interview she has given to date, and there have been many because she is an anomaly like a two headed goat that everyone wants to see and hear, comes off like a Saturday Night Live skit because she is so outrageously uninformed on the current issues and uneducated about the history and the workings of government, that she sounds like a contestant on “Kids Say the Darndest Things” every time she speaks on camera.   Granted, she’s very passionate about giving everyone free stuff, she just has absolutely nothing when it comes to an original thought or idea that might actually help.  She is young though, and a woman, and Hispanic, all boxes that the social justice warriors like to check off, they just missed the box that said QUALIFIED.  So far all she has done is admit she doesn’t know anything about the Middle East or foreign affairs in general, put forth a plan that will give everyone free healthcare and free education with a price tag of $40 trillion and suggested all we need to do is tax the very rich to the bone for about $2 trillion and that ought to cover it, the rest will take care of itself (what?), and she has come out and said that our president is 100% a complete racist. At least she’s easy on the eyes…

The latest is the fantastic Breakfast Club video that was “leaked”, most likely by her own team, that was apparently made while she was at Boston University and it is just a promotional video for the school and she is dancing on the roof with other students who have presumably escaped detention and are all being individuals on the roof.  This video doesn’t do anything but show her as young and fun loving enjoying her time in college and has no political weight whatsoever.  I doubt anyone really cared, however her team insisted that it was leaked by the mean old GOP and that they were outraged by her dancing so she released video of her dancing into her congressional office.  Whatever.  This idiot girl will have her fun and enjoy her salary, pension, and time in the spotlight.  However, eventually people will grow tired of her lunacy and she will fade away like Sanjaya from season 1 of American Idol. #VoteFortheWorst