Regarding Charlottesville VA

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Well here we go again, the social justice warriors are beating their drums and are on the war path.  However, before I start I have to make the following statements from the commander in chief of the far left, Captain Obvious, lest I be castigated as a hateful Nazi White Supremacist Racist whatever…

  • Racism is bad/evil and has no place in our civilized society.
  • White Supremacy is bad/evil and has no place in our civilized society.
  • Nazis are bad/evil and have no place in our civilized society.

It was important to get that out of the way because if you don’t state the obvious immediately many people seem to go straight into a panic mode. So, what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia where 3 people died and many others were injured? Well, the sad fact is that it was the collision of two groups of ignorant hate filled people with nothing better to do than to clash with one another creating the perfect environment for a disturbed individual to act out amongst the chaos.  All of it WRONG.   Now I have always said that President Trump is an idiot and he’s there because there’s no way we could have put that anti-Christ Clinton in office, but in this case he wasn’t wrong to blame both sides.  As vile, revolting, and distasteful as we all find these white supremacist groups to be, no matter how out of touch with the times or reality they are, they still have 1st amendment rights like every other group.  The simple fact is that Antifa went there looking for a fight with the intention of preventing this group from exercising their right to free speech and this group anticipated this because it is what Antifa has done every time anyone has tried to speak anywhere from Milo Yiannopoulos to Ann Coulter.  So when Antifa started spraying pepper spray and throwing bricks this group fought back and the violence escalated.  It was allowed to escalate by the police who made no effort to initially keep the groups separated (LA Times) or to step in and stop the fighting as it occurred which gave this event an orchestrated feel so the liberals could play the victims yet again.  However, that isn’t the point.  The point is that this white supremacist gathering could have occurred without incident. The 1st Amendment is a coin with two sides. One side is the right to free speech so long as you don’t violate the rights of others (that doesn’t include hurt feelings as many college students believe), but the other side is that you have the right not to listen to or care about what is being said.  Had this group been allowed to speak without the influx of counter protesters, the only people to hear their message of hate would have been the people who went there in the first place.  It wouldn’t have gone beyond the park.  No counter protesters, no clashes, no deaths, no widespread media coverage around the world, just some nerdy dudes hanging out in the park pretending to be Nazis. It’s like the old fable says; the wolf that wins is the one you FEED.  BUT the wrong wolf got fed so both groups are responsible for the violence that occurred.  Yes, one group has always been an awful hateful group since the dawn of time, but that doesn’t change the facts.  We all tell our children it takes TWO to fight and this is no different except in this instance people died as a result.

So, Captain Obvious has some suggestions for not killing each other moving forward:

  • Respect citizens’/groups 1st Amendment right to free speech (whether or not you agree with them)
  • Don’t show up masked and armed to political speeches, rallies, or lectures
  • Refrain from charged personal attacks when debating political ideas, especially personal traits regarding race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, or religion.

Remember, there was a time in this country not so long ago when we could engage in political discourse and refrain from physically assailing our opponent as we debated the merits of our political stance. Heck, we might even be friends afterwards…go figure. (This was meant in a broader context, I’m not suggesting you go hang out and be friends with a Neo Nazi and I can’t believe I have to even write this but I know some idiot will say that’s what I’m suggesting…blah, blah, blah…uuuugh, people.)

And then there’s this…

And this…

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