Regarding Gun Control Yet Again…

Dear Diary,

Who would have thought that we would have to address this issue again and so soon after a national tragedy, oh right, anyone who has been paying attention to the frantic fanaticism of those on the far left suffering from Trump derangement syndrome who have completely lost their minds. So here we ago, I will attempt to address the ridiculous talking points of the liberal fanatics so that it is easily understood by everyone.

  • “Why do Republicans block common sense gun laws that will prevent this kind violence from happening?”, or the other version, “Why can’t we stop the NRA from blocking common sense gun laws that will make sure these attacks never happen?”  So many things wrong here.  It sounds great?

    Liberal Viewpoint

    Sure, why don’t we just pass some laws that make mass murder with fully automatic firearms illegal? It’s only common sense, right? (in case you didn’t pick up on the sarcasm, both of those things are already illegal and have been for a long while) The other problems have to do with the implicit assigning of blame to the Republicans or the NRA.  Yeah, they’re the reason these things keep happening, not the deranged lunatics that commit the crimes.  The fact is, there is no magic law that would stop a perfectly normal law abiding citizen from going completely bananas and killing a bunch of people in a way we never could have predicted.  Also, if they’re going to be determined to commit mass murder, breaking a few gun laws won’t even slow them down.

  • “The 2nd Amendment was written for people to own muskets, not AR-15s. It’s time to do away with that antiquated amendment!” or some equally ridiculous version thereof that implies that the founding fathers couldn’t have known about the advancement of weaponry and never intended for civilians to be so well armed.  The fact is the 2nd Amendment was written to arm the people against the government should it ever become so powerful it would decide to turn the military against the people.  In order to defend against a federal military, you would need somewhat equivalent weaponry and I’m pretty sure the modern military isn’t using muskets.  Disarming the people as these cowards suggest, is exactly what was done by the National Socialists (or Nazis) in Germany prior to WWII.  The liberal people agreed that free school, free healthcare, and a gun free society sounded great, then when all the guns were rounded up, the Jews were next.  It’s much harder to resist heavily armed soldiers when you have no weapons, see how that works.  Why don’t you ask the Black Lives Matter folks, the Black Panthers, or LULAC how they would feel about the police and the military being the only ones to carry and use weapons at their discretion and under the control of the politicians in power.  Thought so…
  • “All you gun rights people say nothing can be done, yet we’re the only country in the world where this keeps happening! I’m not buying it!” Sometimes it is just astounding to me that people can be so blatantly stupid as to draw direct comparisons to the U.S. and other countries that aren’t even remotely similar.  America has more than 320,000,000 people living here from all over the world with wildly varying racial, cultural, and religious backgrounds, some of which are in direct opposition to each other and have been for much longer than we have been a country.  Frankly, I’m shocked this doesn’t happen several times a day! In this country, we all enjoy the freest society on the planet.  You can literally go anywhere and do just about anything you want to do.  That means if you want to set up a sniper’s nest on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay, you’re free to do that, but if you do and you start killing people, you are subject to the consequences which is usually death, a pretty good deterrent in most cases but obviously not all.  We can make airplanes that can get us around the country in no time, but some idiot can also intentionally fly them into buildings killing thousands.  When you have a completely open and free country, you open yourself up to this kind of threat and all you can do is be vigilant, be aware, enforce the laws you have that can make an impact, and look out for one another.  The reason it seems that we’re the only country in the world this keeps happening to is because no one else has this level of freedom.  Also, it probably is happening in other countries but they also don’t have the freedom of the press and Internet that we do to show the whole world that they just pooped in their pants and looky how big the mess is. Many of the countries with total gun control have been hit with massive terror attacks, using guns (gasp). If someone is determined to get a firearm and take lives, gun laws will not deter them.

Ok, the bottom line is that sometimes horrible things happen that we never saw coming that shake us to our very core.  They make us re-examine our choices and our beliefs that define who we are and the direction that we want to go.  It is in these times that we need to have the perspective to realize that as devastating and huge as this tragedy seems while it is right in front of us, it is but an anomaly amongst a night sky full of responsible Americans who would rather come to the aid of their fellow citizens, regardless of race, religion, or political belief than to cause them harm.   This one deranged man doesn’t define America and shouldn’t be part of the discussion going forward.  Everything he did was already illegal yet he did it anyway, why waste time arguing about useless laws that will only be ignored by the next murderer?  Why stir up more hate and try to lay blame for this event anywhere other than where it belongs and that is with the perpetrator of the crime.

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