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The president came out today and immediately went into a passionate plea for “common sense” gun control, slamming anyone who would purport that the constitution gives you the right to keep and bear arms without the government at least knowing who you are and exactly which guns you have.  He very much thinks that the kind of random mass shootings we have been seeing can come to a complete halt by the passing of federal laws.  He even went to the lengths of calling upon his leftist mass media army and told them exactly how he would like to see them put the data together to present his case to the American people (why don’t they put up the number of people who died in terrorist attacks since 9/11 against the number of people killed by drunk drivers instead).  He did all this in a very compelling, passionate speech in which he was visibly frustrated and upset.  I must say, this guy can deliver a line and maybe even means what he says, but he is dead wrong and is doing nothing more than further dividing this country and trying to put us on a path that will lead to our ultimate demise.  Crazy you say?  Well, if history is any indicator (and it always is), gun control has always preceded losses of freedom and horrible injustices being imposed upon populations, but don’t take my word for it…

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See, even the peaceful Canadians know the history on this!


Groups in favor of gun control always use phrases like “common sense” gun control and make assumptive statements like, these laws “can prevent” this sort of event from occurring completely in the future.  Both statements sound great, but what do they mean exactly?  There are already background checks and laws to prevent felons from legally obtaining weapons, but short of a crystal ball, how would you ever know who is “crazy” or would suddenly become that way in the future?  Most of the people committing these crimes obtained their weapons legally because they weren’t crazy or felons at the time they got them.  If they obtained them illegally, laws wouldn’t have prevented them from possessing them anyway.  So exactly how would any kind of law prevent these tragedies from happening?  If all guns are illegal and only carried by police officers, what is to prevent an officer from going crazy and opening fire on unarmed civilians?  Are they not human and prone to the same judgement lapses?  And what would a database of all of America’s gun owners achieve for crime prevention?  It would do nothing but put law abiding citizens at risk of government gun seizures.  But that could never happen, right?  The bottom line is, in a free society people have the ability to do whatever they want to do, even if it is illegal, and there is very little you can do to preemptively stop them.  All you can do is make the consequences as dire as possible in order make them think twice before making bad choices.  For instance, if someone thought that they may be walking into a theater full of armed civilians, it may not seem like a great idea to take them on in a massacre attempt.  Just saying.  Historically, nothing good has ever come from disarming the public.  The president made mention of these other magical places where gun control has helped, but in a place like Australia, which he mentioned, crime has actually increased since their gun ban (yes, the opposite unintended effect) and uber liberal Chicago with their super strict gun bans has one of the highest murder rates in the country.  I know if I were a criminal considering a home invasion, I would have very little hesitation if I thought the family was unarmed and helpless but might reconsider altogether if I thought I might find myself on the business end of a 1911 .45 ACP or an AR-15 with someone on the other end who knew how to use it.  In fact, when criminals in prison were surveyed, they said what they feared most were armed civilians.  It’s all about risk assessment for criminals and when crime becomes too hazardous of an occupation, it drops.  So Mr. President, please spare me your impassioned emotional plea to promote your agenda (that you don’t even try to hide anymore) and your visible frustration with the Constitution getting in your way at every turn (dang it!), and why don’t you focus on trying harder to take OUR guns away from ISIS instead of taking them away from the American people who are guaranteed the right to keep and bear them…


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