Regarding Hillary and Russian Collusion

Dear diary,

Well, well, well…I hate to say I told ya so but, wait, no I don’t…I TOLD YOU SO!!  Back in December of 2016 I posted an article Regarding Russian Election Hacking, Dec 2016 in which I laid out how perfectly clear it was that the entire Russian collusion non-sense surrounding the Trump campaign was nothing more than a deflection tactic by the Clinton camp to divert attention away from all of her actual REAL atrocities.  As it turns out, this lie really had legs, more than she had hoped, and her spite filled followers continued to pursue it after the election actually thinking there was some truth to it in hope it might lead somewhere.  Poor idiots.

Well now we see once again that I’m always right, even though it took a year for the evidence to actually surface or for someone to actually feel like they could report it without being murdered.  The New York Post published an article (read it here) exposing Hillary’s dirty trick for what it really was.  We all know I’m no big fan of Donald Trump, but his biggest crime is that he’s not a politician and is more of an idiot when it comes to public speaking (Tweeting).  Outside of that, he’s actually been pretty true to his campaign promises to date which is freaking everybody the hell out, and probably rightfully so if you’re a career politician who has always lived by a certain set of unwritten rules.

Meanwhile, Hillary continues to cling to the idea that her loss was somehow not due to her lifetime of lying, cheating, stealing, and backroom dealing as a career politician who is completely out of touch with the real world and is married to one of the only ex-presidents who was actually impeached for being a sexual predator in the White house. I’ll give her this, she is a smooth public speaker, and apparently that’s all it takes to win over the ignorant Democratic base these days.

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