Regarding Influencing Foreign Elections

Dear diary,

Let’s go back in our magical time machine to the presidential election.  WikiLeaks has released a ton of documents exposing not only the actual corruption of Hillary Clinton but the horrific collusion within the Democratic party at the highest levels and between the party and the major television and news networks to unjustly influence the election in favor of Hillary, not just against Trump, but to push out Bernie Sanders who had surprised them as an upstart popular candidate.  I remind you, this isn’t conjecture, it’s just fact.  So much so that major leaders in the Democratic party lost their jobs and major reshuffling was done right before the convention after all the planning had already been done.  Hillary supporters who thought she could do no wrong still didn’t want to see it.  They had overlooked Benghazi and her role in the American deaths there.  They blew off her inappropriate email handling as no big deal.  They didn’t mind that she had sold American uranium to the Russians and the Clinton foundation was squeaky clean and anyone who said otherwise was a right wing conspiracy theorist.  It was a bit like the guy whose wife has been sleeping with his best friend and everyone knows about it but him, or at least he doesn’t want to acknowledge it and deal with it, but it makes him look completely helpless and pathetic.  So Hillary’s team says “Crap! Our pants are down.  We have to do something!”.  So instead of trying to dispute obviously true emails, they decide to tell people to just ignore the contents of those emails because what’s really important is WHERE they came from and WHY they wanted to influence our election.  We were being manipulated and THEY weren’t going to stand for it.  So the story they pushed was that Russia, even Putin himself, was the driving force to discredit them for the sole nefarious purpose of getting Trump elected.  It was a classic “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!” ploy. Of course they had no evidence or reason to think this but that didn’t stop them from saying it every time they were in front of a camera or were asked a question about the leaked emails.  Giving Americans a commie enemy to fear had worked for McCarthy so it was going to work for them; and boy did it.  All their news partners could talk about was “Russian Hacking” or Putin influencing our election and no one said a word about all of Hillary’s actual crimes.

Well, as we all know they lost the election anyway.  It turns out that the general population of the US is pretty stupid (popular vote) but there are enough sane folks spread throughout the country to protect the nation from villains like Hillary.  However, for the truly ignorant the campaign ploy has continued and all of the hateful propaganda spread by the Clinton campaign to blind the public to her own flaws has morphed into a blind rage against now president Trump where all of those lies have been accepted as truth and nothing can be said to ever change that at this point.  It has evolved to the point of in depth conspiracy and everything that is said and done now is yet another complicated layer.  Already stupid people like Maxine Waters are now completely obsessed and insane all about foreign countries trying to influence our elections because that’s never happened before.

In typical hypocritical Democratic fashion, Obama recently produced an endorsement ad and aired it in support of Emmanuel Macron in France.  Remember when Putin aired all of those TV ads during our election urging Americans to vote for Trump? Oh right, that never happened.

Are any news channels up in arms asking why the U.S. is urging a foreign country to elect a left leaning president in favor of the European Union, something that a large part of the French population and other Europeans disagree with? No? Shocker.  It’s time to peek behind the curtain again and look at the real criminal who started this whole mess.  She has had a very long corrupt criminal political career that began ominously enough with Watergate.  Let’s quit wasting our time chasing red herrings and focus on the criminal right in front of our face.

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