Regarding the Las Vegas Massacre

Dear diary,

Let me start off by saying that the worst mass shooting in U.S. history deserves to be approached with a degree of seriousness and reverence with an acknowledgement for the massive amount of loss that has been felt by the families of those killed for no apparent reason.  I would like to do so now.

There are those among us, however, who have always lived by the motto that “no good tragedy should ever go to waste” and those people wasted no time applying their political spin on the situation before the last body hit the ground and the blood was cold in their veins.  I think we all know who the leader of this offensive pack is and it is someone who will pretend that human life is important, but we all know that power is all that she has ever sought to gain and hold.  Here were her immediate thoughts:

Her first tweet was an obligatory acknowledgement that people were killed, injured, and in harm’s way that she needed to 1) say as a politician and 2) because it open the door for her to tweet out her second tweet, almost simultaneously, which means it was most likely the primary message, that was designed to instill even MORE fear into a scary situation and name the NRA as the organization to blame for that fear that she just gave them.   Then she follows it up with her rallying cry, calling for everyone to “put politics aside” (when she’s asking them to do the exact opposite by making them the center of her message) and “stand up” to the NRA, as if that is necessary, to keep this from happening again.  How is that going to keep this from happening again?  How would anything she could possibly propose in legislation prevent a perfectly normal, law abiding, U.S. citizen from suddenly going bananas and doing something so far outside the realm or normal reasoning that no one could have possibly predicted it?  Heck, we can’t even prevent our Secretary of State from hiding private servers, deleting incriminating emails while under investigation, destroying evidence, selling Uranium to our enemies, or making her enemies disappear.  How can we control the hearts and minds of every citizen?  When you live in a completely free and open society, you leave yourself open to this type of attack and there is actually very little to be done about it other than being as vigilant as possible and helping each other as people did on this day.  We must all remember what Ben Franklin said:




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