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So the news cycle is all about healthcare and how the GOP can’t repeal and replace Obamacare because they can’t all come together to get it done meanwhile, the liberal Democrats are all screaming that the Affordable Healthcare Act is the most wonderful piece of legislation of all time and the heartless Republicans want to strip healthcare coverage from 3o million women and children.  I mean this whole thing is just ridiculous at this point.  Let’s forget the FACT that government should be playing no role at all in the health insurance market because that is NOT the role of government, but at this point neither side really cares about the American people, they only care about winning or losing the battle against their political foes and winning re-election so they can keep on battling.  They will say or do anything to keep it up no matter how far from the truth it may be.  Let’s look at these numbers they keep throwing around.  Let’s just say there are 3o million people in Obamacare, now take away all of those who had insurance before but switched to Obamacare because they thought it would be cheaper (it’s a lot), now take away all those enrolled who didn’t have insurance before but didn’t want it and now have to get it because they are compelled by the law to do so (also a lot), all of a sudden the number of people who may have actually needed this kind of system becomes immensely smaller.  Then when you look at it as a percentage of the overall population of 320 million Americans and realize for that tiny percentage 100% of Americans were drastically affected, the insurance industry was changed and jobs were lost, 100s of millions of dollars were spent along with countless man hours, elections were won or lost, and a country was deeply divided along political lines in a way we haven’t seen in decades if ever, you are left to wonder if any of it was even worth it?  We still have no resolution and it is a bigger mess than we started with after all of the dollars have been wasted.  After the opportunity cost of not focusing on our foreign policy issues, our own domestic poverty issues, our own infrastructure issues, and so many others that could have had a more positive impact, we have been stuck in the mire of an issue that didn’t even need to be raised.  People in the United States were getting healthcare, even those with no insurance who couldn’t afford it.  We had a system that had been working for years, it wasn’t ideal but it was way better than what we have now.  When you have a population as large as ours with the freedoms that we have, you will never have a system that will appease the liberal socialists, but you shouldn’t because to do that you have to become socialist, then the great system you have is no longer the same as it lowers itself to the lowest common denominator.  I know that the movie”Idiocracy” is hyperbole to the max, but it is used to make a point.  If you want to see what commoditized social medicine looks like, see how it is portrayed in Mike Judge’s vision of the future which has proven to be prophetic in many ways, unfortunately.

So, if the Democrats really gave a crap at all about Americans, they would agree to scrap Obamacare instead of clinging to it like some trophy they won by having more butts in seats than the Republicans at one point and sneaking it through in the dead of night with a completely one sided vote and work with Republicans to replace it with something that actually works for the people (even though I strongly oppose this part). Continuing to say that Obamacare works at this point is like trying to patch the holes of the Titanic with duct tape and telling everyone not to worry it’ll be fine because you’ve got it under control.  The ACA is not an achievement of a great man but rather a desperate attempt to live up to an expectation that he wasn’t prepared for and it’s time to admit it didn’t work, nice try, but no cigar.

Socialized Medicine

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