Regarding the Supreme Court Hearing

Dear diary,

Well I just have to weigh in on the Supreme Court candidate bashing that’s going on all over the news and social media.  It’s one thing to have a process in place to make damn sure a candidate is extremely qualified to make judicial decisions and interpretations based on the Constitution of the United States because that person is going to be there for life, but it is quite another to purposefully want to slot in candidates to legislate from the Supreme Court bench to materially change our society into something other than what it was originally intended to be.  That was never the intention of the highest court in the land and by playing that dangerous game, you take the power away from the people which is where the real power was always intended to be by design.  There are those on the extreme left however, who argue that society has changed from what it was originally intended to be, so much in fact, that the constitution and our entire form of government, even our capitalist economic system are no longer effective and should be replaced with democratic socialism.  I say these people have never actually read the Constitution and have no idea what they’re talking about, or have never bothered to study history to see where this thought process has led other once great civilizations who got fat and lazy off of their success and allow it to fall to these same sicknesses.  But I digress….the point of this diary entry is that those attacking Brett Kavanaugh now with vile and unsubstantiated claims are doing so because because they are afraid that he won’t legislate against what is written in the Constitution and for their extreme agenda, not because they feel he is unqualified for the job.  In fact, he may be the most qualified candidate we’ve had in years, but that won’t stop the character assassins from attempting to frame him as a monster of some kind with a devious hidden agenda that we aren’t allowed to see.  He’s only been working in this field his entire life and  his decisions haven’t been kept secret.  The real problem the haters have with this candidate is that he was nominated by Trump and right now Trump Derangement Syndrome is hitting it’s zenith!  No matter what he says or does, the group who have terminal TDS will immediately come out against it.  If the President announced world peace tomorrow, CNN would have an exclusive story on how world peace was really brokered just so Trump could sell more condos in previously war torn areas.  They have built him up to be such a monster in their minds that now they believe their own BS and are scared of their own shadow.  Yes, the Supreme Court will be leaning more conservative now, but there are consequences to losing elections and they’re usually not good.  Suck it up buttercup, but all of the hate, anger, vitriol, and divisiveness is not helping their case or helping the country.  Let’s get this guy on board because there is no legitimate reason not to, and move on with the business of running the country please!!  Sen. Ben Sasse reminded the legislative body of how the process was supposed to go and reminded us of what a real Senator sounds like: