Regarding the Trump Tax Plan

Dear diary,

I know I’m a little late to this party but I finally had to chime in on this.  The new tax plan that has come out and been approved is being widely criticized in the media and downright demonized, #GOPTaxScam, by Pelosi and the Democrats who refused to take any part in it.  I’m not really sure where to start so let me begin by listing the Democratic talking points then I will just counter them from there:

  • This is a tax cut for the wealthy and primarily corporations and is terrible for the middle class!
  • This is nothing short of stealing from the American people and they won’t stand for it!!
  • The Republicans are trying to fool you because the tax cuts for middle class individuals aren’t permanent!!

I’m sure there are plenty more but these will do for my purposes here.  Let’s begin with number 1.  Any fair tax cut, that is to say a tax cut that is across the board and not just for one segment, would appear to favor the wealthy as they pay the overwhelming majority of the taxes as it stands, therefore this rhetoric plays to the very poor base of the Democratic party who already bear distrust and dislike of the wealthy.  As for corporations, what do people think corporations are?  Well by definition, corporations are groups of people authorized to act as a single entity.  It’s not a hand full of rich people that get all the money, but a way of organizing the business so it can issue stock to shareholders.  Those shareholders aren’t all Wall Street fat cats as Democrats want you to believe, but rather they are in most cases employees of those companies who receive stock through Employee Stock Option programs as rewards, gifts, of bonuses in a specific attempt to tie their performance to the success of the company.  In addition, their 401K usually incorporates company stock as well.  So when the corporation takes 15% in taxes off of the bottom line, the stock value rises and everyone gets wealthier.  This is on top of all the cash bonuses that the companies have been announcing.  All of these people ARE the middle class!! They got to be the middle class by working at these corporations in the first place. That’s what makes this argument so profoundly stupid.

As for the 2nd argument on the list, I have often wondered how not taking something in the first place can be categorized as stealing.  However, from Pelosi’s perspective this is money they now won’t have to give away to buy votes from disenfranchised minorities and illegals so in a since it is taking money away from them.  What this speaks to is the basis of conservative principles.  The role of government never was to care for the day to day needs of the people.  It was not intended to be a nanny state.  The REPUBLIC was intended to be a collection of states with a weak central government designed to protect our sovereignty, promote international trade, promote interstate commerce and infrastructure, and create an economy and atmosphere that was conducive to the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. That’s about it. Democrats would have the government providing for all of your personal needs and paying for it through 100% taxation. Therefore this tax plan flies in the face of their plan and reverts back towards the original ideas of our founding fathers.

The 3rd argument is perhaps the most insidious and hypocritical of all.  Why are some of the tax cuts not permanent? Well, because the Democrats wanted to play obstructionist games and not participate, this bill passed with all Republican votes through a process called reconciliation, which means that it could pass with a simple majority but it would have to be revisited in 10 years, at which time those cuts could be made permanent but I wouldn’t count on it if the Democrats have any say.  So basically, it’s their fault the tax cuts will expire yet they want to use this as a talking point as if it is some evil plan by the Republicans to trick people into liking the tax plan.  The fact is, they want your money.  It keeps them in office and keeps their voters happy and in the voting booth.

My personal opinion is that if people get to keep more of the money they make, even the evil rich people, then it will be better for the country and the economy in the long run.  It will encourage spending and growth.  If the corporate tax rates are lower and less oppressive it will encourage repatriation and investment in the US which will also grow the economy.  Also, with fewer tax dollars the government should look at eliminating certain programs it shouldn’t be involved in to begin with.  Now all this doesn’t mean that Republicans are heartless, or that I’m heartless, and conservatives don’t care about the poor or less fortunate, it just means that it’s not the government’s role to play.  It isn’t charity if you’re forcing someone else to give.  All of those charities and foundations to help the less fortunate should be funded privately by individuals or churches as they always have.  In the past communities looked out for each other, but now you’ll find that the laziest in our society are the liberals who don’t want to give themselves but are happy to make others do so and shame them if they don’t.  It is the conservative religious families that do the most giving of time and money anyway.  Funny how it all works out.

SO if you don’t care what I have to say about it, how about the opinion of a pretty woman: